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Orem Geriatric Massage at Anita Egbert Massage

Geriatric Massage is effective in relieving muscle pain, joint stiffness, poor blood circulation, mental stress sleeplessness and similar problems that are so prevalent among older people. Although the improvements experienced after just a few treatments often seem magical to the recipient, they are all scientifically explainable, particularly their effect on blood circulation. Blood not only carries oxygen to each individual cell in the body but also nourishment and hormones that the endocrine glands release as a way of regulating body processes. Another primary function of blood is to carry away the debris constantly produced thought out the body.

The effect of geriatric massage on health problems continues to be underestimated, perhaps for the very reason that it feels good. After all every other health intervention seems to be connected with unpleasantness-cutting into flesh, drilling holes in the teeth, giving pills that make you drowsy or upset your stomach-and here is an intervention that claims to be successful and pleasure-full at the same time.

Simply stated, geriatric massage helps anyone who has circulatory problems to achieve blood flow adequate for maintaining proper cell nourishment and cleansing. Add to this the pleasant feeling that touch evokes, and you have the explanation for the calming effect of massage on those who suffer from depression, sleeplessness and other common discomforts associated with daily living. The element of touch is particularly important for elderly people living alone and suffering from touch deprivation.

Anita is a certified Geriatric Massage Therapist and graduated from the Day Break Insitute. Be sure to contact Anita Egbert if you need a Geriatric massage in Orem, Utah


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