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About Anita

      Anita graduated from Ricks College in 1974 and graduated from American College of Natural Healing Sciences in 1975 and went on to graduate with an advance degree in Naprassage in 1976. This education came to a total of 1500 hours. Since that time she has had experience working in the European Health Spa, in home services and now a private practice.

       For over the last 20 years she has practiced her massage in her home office. She is always seeking for better ways to help people achieve there soft tissue goals and help them to remove pain from their lives. A few of the classes she has taken are: Stone therapy, St. John Neuromuscular massage, Prenatal & Postpartum Massage, & Medical Massage. Through her diverse training Anita has clients from all walks of life.

       Outside of massage Anita enjoys her husband and 5 children and grandchildren as well as sewing, cooking, gardening, biking, yoga, and weight lifting. Her life is full of love and laughter and she feels very blessed to be in a profession that allows her to give back to so many special people. Anita is State Licensed and NCBTMB certified. On September 22.2005 she received recognition for being a member of AMTA for the past 30 years.

Massage Techniques

Full Body Massage

50 minute session

This 50 min. massage will employ long-flowing strokes to ensure deep relaxation and improve circulation. Swedish strokes are combined with other techniques based on your specific needs and areas of concern.

Geriatric Massage

30 minute session

This 30 minute massage involves specialized strokes and techniques designed for aging skin and muscles. It is effective in relieving muscle pain, joint stiffness, poor blood circulation, mental stress, sleeplessness. Learn more about Geriatric massage.

Therapeutic Massage

80 minute session

This 80 minute Full-body massage includes a variety of massage techniques; Swedish , deep tissue. Can help poor circulation, sore joints, headache, back pain, indigestion, or limited range of motion.

Face Lift Massage

80 minute session

This 80 minute massage proves the circulation in the face, exercises the muscles to bring about a more healthy looking face. It is a safe, gentle massage treating the problems of sagging, wrinkling aging skin. Treatment includes hands and feet massage.

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

50 minute session

This massage 50 minute can be very helpful by assisting the mother-to -be in reducing edema, varicose vein development & pain. It will promote increased blood and lymph circulation. Consult a physician to know if this would be good for you.


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